Recreational Gymnastics

All Gymnasts start in our recreational gymnastics program.  If they can walk, they can join us in classes! Gymnastics trains the body spherically, which means all kinesthetic directions are covered—forward, lateral or sideways, backwards, and inverted. It is the ideal foundation sport to develop coordination, gross, and fine motor skills at a young age.  That is why we call it the sport of all sports!  Gymnasts learn skills through safe progressions and build strength and flexibility while having fun!  Gymnasts with talent and desire gain the skills necessary to enter into our pre-competitive and competitive programs.

Parent-Tot Gymnastics 

Walking-3 y/o 45 minutes classes

Teachers will direct parents and children through activities that develop gross motor skills, improve listening skills, and accommodate short attention spans. 


Pre-School Gymnastics

3 & 4 y/o 1 hour classes

Pre-K 3's: Independence time! Parents sit back & watch or go run an errand! 3's learn to navigate through the teacher lead circuit!  We focus on listening skills and expanding gross motor development. 

Pre-K 4's:  4's increase confidence as a mover while building gymnastics skills on all 4 events! Gymnasts learn basic gymnastics skills safely with proper progressions.   


(Beginner) 1 hour classes

Kinder:  Ages 5&6   Level A:  1st-5th grade


All gymnasts must start in Level A or schedule an evaluation if prior experience. Basic introductory gymnastics skills are taught on all events- Floor, Vault, Beam, and Bars. We encourage a fun learning environment by having the kids work on their skills at individual stations.

Stations give the gymnast time to focus on details and build skills through repetition.  Each day we also do a faster paced circuit to keep kids moving with a focus on speed, power, and balance through constant movement.  We play a movement based game to keep things exciting!


(Intermediate) 1.5 hour classes

1st-5th Grade

Proper technique of basic gymnastics skills are taught, as well as begin working on progressions of more advanced skills on all events- Floor, Vault, Beam, and Bars. Levels B and C are required to do strength and conditioning in their classes which will help get them stronger to be able to perform more difficult skills.  We keep things fun by encouraging a team atmosphere, playing a group game, and earning free time!

Team-Track Gymnastics


Pre-K/ Kinder age children that have shown a work-ethic, ability to follow instruction, and a grasp of body movement and proprioception may be invited to Developmental-Team


Elementary School age children that have shown a work-ethic, ability to follow instruction, and a grasp of body movement and proprioception - as well as achievement of a predetermined list of skills may be invited to Pre-Team.

**Boy's Pre-Team follows the same requirements, however there is not yet a Men's Team, so this class works skills and routines from Level 1-5 of the Men's Competitive Program

Competitive Team : Xcel Program

Sitka Gymnastics' Competitive Gymnasts travel to meets, and host meets that adhere to the USAG Xcel Route Competitive Program. Gymnasts compete in levels between "Bronze Level" and "Diamond Level". To become a competitive gymnast one must be invited to join the Team. 

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